WINNIPEG -- Slow Spirit's debut album, Unnatured, was recorded on August 13th and 14th, 2016 at Stereobus Recording with engineer and producer Paul Yee. 

Going into the studio, we knew Paul from his outstanding work with a few different Rock and Roots artists such as Joey Landreth, The New Lightweights and Murray Pulver, but it was his lesser-known history performing and composing progressive metal and fusion music that got us particularly excited about recording with him.

I would describe his recording philosophy as a balance between high-fidelity perfectionism, and willful openness to the spontaneous nature of performance. Paul encouraged us to record all instruments in one pass, without a click track, only overdubbing the vocal and horn parts. The first playback was an emotional experience. Having never heard our music recorded so clearly before, I thought, "Oh, this is what I was hoping it would sound like!" With new confidence, we went back into the studio and recorded not just the two songs we had intended, but five more.

The record we made in those two days could be described as more of a candid snapshot than a carefully curated album by today's standards.  It's as if Paul stood back and took a portrait of the sound we were making in that place, at that time. We played seven of our most developed songs -- songs we had rearranged a dozen times and performed a hundred times. Songs that conceptually cover a pretty broad range, and come very close to a complete picture of where we we're at in 2016.

We treated these songs like precious living organisms, letting them grow and adapt, and like all living things these songs are now dying on us. Some more than others, but they're all getting very old for us now. I'm very glad we had the opportunity to catch them when we did. Now it is time for us to reinvent ourselves, taking what we have learned, and push the boundaries of our abilities as songwriters and instrumentalists.

-Eric Roberts

Photos by Eric & Gen Levasseur

slow spirit stereobus.JPG